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Lip-puckeringly simple—that's the Greyhound cocktail. This cocktail is built simply with vodka, grapefruit juice, and ice. Some people even add a little simple syrup to sweeten the deal. But when it comes to the common Greyhound drinker, they're usually after the bite that this simple yet delicious cocktail has to offer. As simple as this cocktail is, it sure does know how to usher in that nice warm breeze with it's head turning pink hue and refreshing tart flavour. If you're someone who likes to put a spin on things or you just aren't a fan of Vodka, Gin is a great substitute. It will change the dynamic quite a bit because of the robust juniper notes that are found in Gin, creating more of a nuanced sip. When it comes to any craft cocktail, using freshly squeezed citrus juice will make for a more premium-tasting cocktail that a concentrate juice simply cannot do.

A little History on the Greyhound

Although there are a few stories regarding the greyhound, it is believed that this cocktail was first created in the 1930's during prohibition. The strong grapefruit flavour was selected to mask the powerful, un-distilled tase of that era's Gin. It is also said that this cocktail was invented after the second world war, and was a drink that people use to consume frequently at greyhound bus stops. I guess when it comes to any story, it could be muddled as time passes - especially when liquor is involved! One thing is for sure, regardless of when the change from Gin to Vodka occurred, vodka has remained the spirit of choice for this cocktail ever since. Although it is rarely printed on cocktail menus, the Greyhound is still ordered as often as its cousin, the screwdriver (Vodka, Orange juice and ice).


What you'll need.

When we say simple, we mean simple.


  1. Your first step should focus on prep. When it comes to any great tasting cocktail it is always best to go with freshly squeezed citruses. Warm up whichever citrus you are using in a bowl of hot water to really get the juices flowing and squeeze them out using a hand-held citrus squeezer. If you're someone who likes a nice balance between sweet and tart, we would suggest adding the simple syrup. Simple syrup is simple to make, hence the name! All you need is hot water and sugar. In a measuring cup combine 1 cup of boiling water (from the kettle or a pot on the stove) with 1 cup of sugar. Stir until the sugar has dissolved and there you have it. Simple syrup - simple, eh?

  2. In a Cocktail shaker, combine Vodka, Grapefruit juice and Simple Syrup with Ice and shake until the outside of your shaker or mason jar has a layer of condensation on it.

  3. Once your drink is chilled pour over fresh ice. This cocktail takes approximately 5-10 minutes from ingredient preparation to the table.You will have a beautiful pink Cocktail to usher in your springtime soiree. To really Spruce up the aesthetics add some mint, rosemary or a lime wheel for visual contrast. And there you have it. The Greyhound.

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