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White American Oak Aging Barrels

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The American Oak Ageing Barrel. Beverages aged in wooden barrels such Whiskey and Wine take on some of the compounds in the barrel. Oak's influence is more pronounced when small oak barrels are used, because more wine/Whiskey comes in contact with the wood. The Oak Barrels are made by treating wood staves with fire, and winemakers can order light, medium or heavy “toast” to accentuate the flavour such as vanillin, smokiness, and wood tannins. This comes from the caramelization from the wood itself via cooking or distillation from a chemical called Lignin. Other notes that can associated with the American oak barrels is caramel, butterscotch, honey, Sweet spices and Dill.

If you're someone who enjoys the taste of a smokey Bourbon or scotch you're in for a treat. Without spending a lot of your hard earned cash you can have the luxury of producing your own smoky cocktail with this White American Oak Aging Barrel.

Ranging from a 1 Liter American Oak Aging Barrel, 2 Liter American Oak Aging Barrel, 3 Liter American Oak Aging Barrel, 5 Liter American Oak Aging Barrel, 10 Liter American Oak Aging Barrel and a 20 Liter American Oak Aging Barrel. This will ensure all your Barrel aging needs are fulfilled. All of these oak barrels comes with the stand, bung, spigot, and easy to follow instructions.

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